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The martial arts field of Sri Lanka is established to its' current status crossing over many phases in history. We have trodden along that path in our younger days. In retrospect, that journey made us see the void of existence of a scientific martial art that could nurture our people spiritually and physically.

A dire dilemma the Sri Lankans face today is the rapid escalation of non communicable diseases. We are in a desperate situation that cries for a modern art capable of strengthening people spiritually and physically to overcome this menace. Chinese internal martial art (Neijia Chuan) can be recommended as an art most relevant in this regard. It is comprised of internal martial arts Tai Chi, Xing Yi and Pa Kua.

We have made it our objective to introduce these life style-sciences to our country.

Sri Lanka Tai Chi Association

Sri Lanka Tai Chi Association towards the Traditional Chinese Martial Art in Sri Lanka.

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Recent Events

Tai Chi Workshop
10th of December, 2017 from 8.30 am to 12.30 noon at the Gymnasium, University of Peradeniya

Beijing Taiji Exchange Program 2017
Will be Held at Beijing,China from 19th to 23rd June


Taichi & Health

From Yang and Chen style, three other major styles developed – Wu, Hao, and Sun. Each of these styles share similar essential principles, but contain different features and characteristics. Sun, the latest style, is most suitable prevention from non-communicable diseases.

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